Mobile data statistic

I use a limited data plan with a weekly allowance. I developed a habit of checking the Settings app and keeping track of the usage, switching off the worst offenders.

I reset statistics on June 28th (Friday). I used all my data through the following weekend. On Monday morning I received a text that I have no data left. Today on Wednesday I checked the stats and found higher than expected numbers. On the second screenshot below you can see the System Services page with 192 MB allocated to the “Push Notifications” alone, and 333 MB for the “General”, whatever it means.

settings mobilde service page with system services using 827 MB and current period set to 954 MB of data
System Services page with 192 MB allocated to Push Notifications alone

I reset the statics this afternoon. Then I waited for more than four hours and checked the usage. I know I have used zero mobile data because my plan doesn’t renew until July 5.

0 MB data left on my plan

Below is usage in the evening, 4:19 PM. iOS told me it used 174 MB of data. This has to be wrong. Another possibility is that my service provider (EE, UK) doesn’t block all the traffic. But then I would receive push notifications, and I don’t. Effectively I experience Airplane mode.

Mobile service usage 174 MB, time 4:19 pm