Helping Ukraine to win

There is a general election here in the UK on July 4th. I would like to stress three crucial points which can lead our democracies into a successful future.

  1. Recommend and implemented by Estonia plan increasing 3.0% GDP towards defence (UK petition).
  2. Plan 0.25% of GDP to military aid for Ukraine for the next four years (, PDF).
  3. Ukrainian integration into NATO and EU.

Parties are ordered in my priority list.

  1. Liberal Democrats
  2. The Conservatives
  3. Reform UK

Rishi Sunak promised 2.5% increase with the concreted date of 2030 (BBC). Liberal Democrats and seems to support the plan (Full fact).

However, the Conservatives have been in power for 14 years and losing their support. It is unlikely Rishi is going to win. Nigel Farage has been extremely controversial which is why I am not recommending to vote for his populist right-wing party.

“If anyone can get the two around the negotiating table… It may fail. We can send British troops, have World War Three, I don’t mind… I don’t approve of anything Putin’s done in terms of this invasion. But we have to think through what is the endgame of this, what is the goal? If we think it’s a Ukrainian victory, that’s for the birds.”

Quoted from Telegraph.

Nigel claimed that we could end the war by forcing Kyiv to negotiate and give up its territories. In this scenario, Putin will take advantage of the necessary break and Russia will invade Ukraine third time. It has already happened twice this decade.