Getting a repetitive error in the Xcode 15.3 console every time my Mac project launches.

List with selection: SelectionManagerBox tried to update multiple times per frame.

My custom type:

struct Folder: Codable, Identifiable, Hashable, CustomDebugStringConvertible {
    var subfolders: [Folder]?
    let id: String
    // ...

final class Store: ObservableObject {
    @Published var folders: [Folder] = []
    // ...

// Usage (shortened)
HierarchyList(data: store.folders, children: \.subfolders, selection: $store.folderFocus, expansionState:delete:) {}

A red error in Xcode with three exclamation points. I was not able to find a root cause in my project and will assume this is a SwiftUI bug in my macOS project.

Xcode warning: List with selection: SelectionManagerBox<Folder> tried to update multiple times per frame.