This week there’s an interesting interview with Mark Zuckerberg defending the Meta Quest. I welcome the competition. Android was a tremendous factor in pushing Apple to make the iPhone better. I am convinced that investment behind the Apple Silicone is partially possible due to competition from Google and Samsung. Apple’s custom processors are a big win for iPhone consumers. I am hopeful that Meta products will push Apple to work harder.

From my podcast feed, two close friends recorded a podcast while wearing Apple Vision Pro headsets. Listen to The Talk Show with Adam Lisagor. If you are optimistic and excited about Apple Vision Pro, you will enjoy this episode. In short, the episode reassured me once more that Apple made the right choice by shipping this device in 2024. John mentioned that he was eager for more people to get the headset so they could experience what he experienced. And they talk about powerful feelings and excitement almost reaching the level of the original iPhone debute.