Next generation of display technology

I wasn’t fortunate enough to experience Macintosh Classic, but I think I would like it very much. I do spend an awful amount of time listening and reading to people who are nostalgic about the old era. Please do read the Spatial Computing peace yesterday published on John’s Siracusa blog. John doesn’t publish often but when he does, it is valuable and I would even say, timeless.

Besides some healthy Apple Vision Pro scepticism and curiosity, there are two points in John’s article I would like to focus on.

  1. The original iPhone interface is awesome.
  2. What makes a good interface?

People love iPhones. It’s true, that any technical product has its following, but the iPhone managed to go further than any other Apple product ever made. It is a golden goose for Apple. But it is also appreciated by most talented indie developers. You can go to the Apple Store right now and try using the most affordable $429 model. If you can, compare your feelings with scrolling on a most expensive Android device. I can bet our mortgage, iPhone will feel more responsive. It is a perfectly executed vision which makes direct manipulation with digital content possible. This could be the highest technical achievement possible on the scale of the human race. You would understand John’s scepticism about Apple Vision Pro (AVP). I bet the headset will never reach cult iPhone status.

The iPhone is the most personal, most popular computing device. My best years have been using the iPhone, starting with the sexy 3G, then the iPhone 4S with mind-blowing Siri, the least impressive iPhone 6S, and now even more utilitarian SE 2020 model. Which I’m typing this article with and which performance is buttery smooth, 3 years strong. I’m also an early iPad adopter and I like this device. Nevertheless, Mac will always be my rock. My happy place. A device which helps me to support my family. The computer I know best and the computer which helps me grow as a software developer.

I don’t think Mac is going anywhere and can be ever replaced with AVP. However, Mac is not the greatest gift Steve Jobs gave us either. His greatest creation is Apple itself. Not the company, not smart people behind it. But the idea. The idea of applying computer technology in solving real-world human problems. AVP can be a new tool in hands of greatest programmers, construction builders, mentors, psychologists, 3D artists. AVP might not be as popular as iPhone, but it can be potentially as powerful and game changing as multi touch trackpad shipped built-in in every MacBook Pro. It could be a next-generation computer screen.