Apple Vision Pro weight

We finally got weight specs for Apple Vision Pro.

Vision Pro: 600–650 grams (depending on light seal and headband)
Meta Quest Pro: 722 grams
Meta Quest 3: 515 grams
PlayStation VR2: 560 grams

Via John Gruber.

The 600-650 range includes an external battery. The battery doesn’t hang on your head, so it should not affect the experience using the headset. I also suspect that the battery is a compromise. Compromises made for a reason. And this reason has to be a comfort of use. Comfort should have priority over aesthetics. I’m curious about the weight of the battery. I think that AVP still has the potential to be the lightest headset on the market.

However I believe the headset needs to be lighter still. And as John told me.

Yes, it makes your face feel front-heavy. Not uncomfortable, but it feels weighty.

**Update 1 February 2024.**

Gruber wrote that weight of the headset is 650 grams. I was wrong assuming this number doesn’t include battery weight.