Our Apple Watch journey

2023 is the biggest year for Apple Watch since its introduction. We have shipped a brand new wearable-first password manager. We started the project in late July. It’s the most popular public testing we had so far.1

I am finding new usages for Pero I didn’t expect I need. Last week I applied for a library card for my daughter and at the counter they asked me to provide a pin. Using a phone would be more socially awkward. Apple Watch worked well in this situation, I still had to break eye contact, but not long enough for the library person to lose their patience. They were waiting and the speed of opening Pero and creating new passwords was critical.2 Jennifer Patton, watchOS designer from Apple, defined experiences like mine as “Apple Watch Moment”, a very brief, no longer than 10 seconds, opportunities in which we can benefit from performing computational tasks.

Me and my partner have been using Apple Watch since its introduction.3 We upgraded to Series 7 and still use them. This fall I have tried the Ultra, and I liked it even more than Series 7. I never thought I would like a big watch, but trying it on changed my mind. It’s freaking cool to have a computer on your wrist, I do feel like a superhero when I use it.

On the left Apple Watch 1st gen, on the right Apple Watch Ultra 2

I wanted to share a good memory of us unboxing our 1st generation models.

My wife unboxing Apple Watch

  1. I won’t share numbers, but they are in double digits. ↩︎

  2. After finishing my conversation in the library I stepped away to assign a title for the newly created entry. Because Pero uses SwiftUI it persists in its UI state, so I was able to continue where I left off even after the app was put into the background. ↩︎

  3. My Series 0 developed an inflated battery case. An Apple Store employee replaced it with Series 1, even though it’s been out of the warranty window. Series 1 lasted me until Series 7. ↩︎