Pero's origin story

I have been frustrated with 1Password for Apple Watch. The app has a launch delay, and sometimes it won’t load at all, showing an empty screen. Our household was paying a $59.85 subscription for 5 years.1 This means we invested around $300 in subscription costs. I find it unacceptable. Naturally, I found a solution by building a brand new password manager.

When we worked on Pero, we had only one goal — to make the interface as fast as possible while delivering a powerful and useful tool. It especially pays off when working on the Apple Watch canvas. Quick interactions are paramount when building a successful Apple Watch app. However, we didn’t want to sacrifice utility. Many Apple Watch apps on the App Store are just baby apps, and they lack functionality. Pero is different. It is Wearable-First on day one. Meaning, you get all the core functionality right on your wrist. It’s not just for looking up passwords, you can generate new passwords, change them, use tags for organisation, and even assign custom icons.

We are proud to announce that Pero will never require an ongoing subscription for its core functionality. We have a great vision for this project, but it can’t be achieved without your feedback. Join us in our fight against subscription-only racket. Install Pero today.2

  1. I have been a 1Password user since 2010 before Agile Bits switched to a subscription-only model. With a heavy heart, I see projects from respected Mac companies corrupted by focusing on B2B and rushing wrong technical decisions. ↩︎

  2. Apple Watch Series 4 or newer required. watchOS 10 required. ↩︎