Apple Vision Pro at a workplace

Today the VR market is a little niche in the big gaming market. Most people look at VR as a toy.

I watched 16 minutes Apple Lisa ad from 1983 on YouTube, and it didn’t feel like an ad, it’s more of a technical demo. What I found interesting is that the ad is made for businesses to start using the Lisa at a workplace. The Lisa was sold as a productivity machine. It changed everything. Adi Robertson from the Verge wrote a nice article about it. At that time most PC users looked at GUI as something only applicable for gaming, and something slower and inferior to command-line interfaces.1 A toy-like.

The question is, can Apple do it again, can Apple Vision Pro change how we work?

  1. This perception is still very much alive among many programmers choosing to use Git through command-line. ↩︎