Divinity - Original Sin 2

I keep coming back to this game, and it looks like I am going to finish it. It’s a long game, with no obvious story, rich in content and opportunities to explore and learn. It’s RPG but plays almost like a strategy game, units positioning and strategy are more important than your level and the items you have. I enjoy modern open-world aspects, you are free to choose your path and do quests in any order. Dialogues answers make a difference.

I learned that making mistakes is unavoidable, Quick Save is part of gameplay. I play on medium “Classic” difficulty but at some points needed to use the “Explorer” option. There’s also no shame in referring to walkthrough and tips, I consider research as part of the gameplay.

It runs well on my MacBookPro 16 M1 Max (32 GB, 24 GPU). It handles 60 FPS at native resolution, but I prefer to play at 1728 × 1117 because this gives much more battery life and the laptop doesn’t run hot or noisy. I also can’t play at native resolution because it makes the cursor size twice the size it should be.