PS5 first impressions

There are PS5 ads everywhere in London and it’s available for sale. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since the launch, it feels like yesterday. I have sold a bunch of old techs and accumulated around £250 worth of vouchers. Even sold my old 5G router for a whopping £100, didn’t know it has so much value. I couldn’t resist buying a used PS5. Don’t do that, Cex still charges more than Sony which is a crime for a used console, even in perfect condition.

I am liking the console so far and feel like now all my gaming needs should be satisfied. I like the PSVR2 potential and watching new game releases closely anticipating Half-Life Alyx the most. Because I skipped PS4, I have tons of great exclusives to catch up on, and PS5 is the best console for playing PS4 games. I am currently playing through all Uncharted games, and it’s been non-stop action and relaxing puzzle breaks. The games all take less than 10 hours each, so I can complete 4 of them and it would take less time than the average modern open-world RPG.

I find the Switch Pro controller superior to the PS5 option. It’s lighter and the layout is ergonomic. I especially felt the difference after playing on PS5 and then holding the Pro controller, it is much more comfortable. I don’t think that overengineered haptics bring much to the experience, it’s a nice addition but I could enjoy games the same with regular DualSense feedback. I don’t like the extra weight and bulk of the PS5 controller. We use the Pro controller a lot, to the point it started drifting recently.

We continue to play on Switch more as a family and it has an excellent library of games for all ages, single console co-op and upcoming hits I am going to enjoy with my kids like Pikmin 4 and Kirby Return to Dreamland Deluxe. Even the excellent Astro Bot demo which is included with PS5 is harsh and punishing, it takes 1 hit or fall and you have to start from a checkpoint. I am finding often completing difficult parts for my kids because the game is just too punishing.

I recommend the disk version because the price of disks in the UK is less than digital versions, even for very old games. Plus, you can exchange disks with friends and sell them back even. Unfortunately BlueRays are much more fragile than neat Switch cartridges. I am collecting Switch games but I have no desire to collect disks.


Removed any mentions of PS5 region lock, because it isn’t.