Seville orange & Sichuan pepper crispy tofu

Last night’s dinner was a disaster. I wanted to share this because failure is equally important to success.

baking tray with smal tofu peaces
  • Even though this is a receipt from Waitrose, Sichuan pepper and sriracha for the sauce couldn’t be found.
  • Tofu was cut too small.
  • Tofu was kept in the oven which made them dry, even though the oven was switched off.
  • Tofu bites needed to be turned half-through.
  • The receipt has 250g brown sugar, which is a lot, it’s not for everyone.
  • Added all the sauce at once, it was too much, basically a soup. Be careful with the sauce!
  • The calories value are small.

A lesson for me is not to be seduced by a beautiful picture, but to evaluate the ingredients and value of the dish. I won’t be cooking this again.