Apple Event

This was better than expected, I would say much better than last year’s event.

Apple Watch

All Apple Watch models now share the latest chip. This is fantastic news, and I am especially glad. This is great news for Caffeine++ because more of my customers will have better top notch performance and I can keep Swift source base up-to-date with the latest features by dropping watchOS 7 sooner.


I am very pleased that prices are the same as last year. I am sure inflation is eating into Apple’s margins, and Apple is swallowing the costs apparently. Let’s hope that price will hold.

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini is still for sale, and now at lower price, $100 cheaper This is a model I recommend you to buy because I truly believe the mini size which is works best ergonomically. Please Apple continue to make phones with this size. iPhone 6 was always a little too big for me, and mini is just… excellent.


Personally I prefer regular AirPods, but I am very happy to see new chip with x2 better noise reduction and better transparency mode. I have bought 2 of the first gen Pro models for family members and they are extremely happy. AirPods is a truly great product.