It was presented as a little hobby project by Steve Jobs, it went through many changes. It became smaller, more affordable and more powerful. It was ahead of its time. Today all its features are built into every new TV, but we still keep buying this little box.

Apple TV was updated recently in every way: price, performance, size, and features. And I am very happy it happened. That it wasn’t killed off like AirPort (I still use it). There are even 2 new models, and unlike modern Tim Cook Apple, the old model Apple TV HD is no longer for sale. Bravo!

Many of us feared that the previous Apple TV generation was the last one. Apple TV+ and even iTunes Store are now available on all modern TVs. We know Apple doesn’t sell them a lot, and you don’t have to buy them because your modern Android probably can do everything you need. Still, it’s the only way I interact with my TV, and many of us do the same. Because we like nice things.

And did I mention it doesn’t have an external ugly power brick?

Recently we had a guest, who said that our Apple TV remote is very nice, they asked if can they buy the same for their “tv”, and were surprised when I told them it comes with an Apple TV box.

But why would I need one, if my TV already does it?

The question was answered a couple of hours later when we had some issues with the Netflix app, and the guest quickly suggested:

It happens all the time, just restart the TV.

The issue had nothing to do with tvOS or my TV, it was a user profile. That’s why you want to buy this box, using it almost every day, I rarely need to restart it and don’t remember the last time I did, except for a software update.