I am shipping another minor update with 2 big features, I think increases the usefulness of the app at least twice.

Tracking sugar and more

The major selling factor for the app is that it saves time if you want to track your caffeine consumption. Theoretically, you can already do that in Apple Health, but it would require a lot of extra taps and pickign the drink size each time. In addition to caffeine and water, now you can log sugar and calories for each drink you take. Assuming you have already done the work and saved drink size and its properties into the app, it’s just one tap to log everything.

Edit list of drinks

What happens if you added something by mistake? Previously you would have to hunt for all data samples in Apple Health and delete them. It happend to me often. No more. Now you can see the list of all drinks you had and delete any of them with a single swipe.

Even more

  • In addition, there’s a new preference to see the last 7 days instead of the current week in the chart.
  • Because the app uses its document storage, you can try all the features without allowing Apple Health access.
  • Now when adding a drink you can see its custom name, but only on the device, you added because I still use Apple Health for the sync.