I have been working on this project for 9 months during the spare time I had while having another full-time job. Today you can download it from the store. I am very happy this day has come and I can share this with you.

The idea to write a new personal knowledge manager app (PKM) has come to me after I started to use Obsidian, liked the concept but did not accepted the implementation. Both of the apps share similar ideas.

  1. Your notes are plain text files
  2. Markdown
  3. You can create links between your notes and you expect them to work even when making changes (backlinkis)

Unlike Obsidian, LinkEdit is a native app which gives it certain benefits.

  • RAM ~150 MB vs ~536 MB
  • Disk usage 2.8 MB vs 380.3 MB
  • System spell checking, find and replace and other Cocoa features

Read more about all the features. LinkEdit is free download with single $14.99 purchase to activate unlimited backlinks.