Caffeine++ 2 Icon

I am a regular coffee drinker, and I thought that it would be good to track how much coffee I drink, similarly to how we track steps and sleep hours. The Apple Health app allows you to do it but it only works from the phone, and you need to know how much caffeine your drink has. Some apps do this, and I tried all of them. I couldn’t find anything that I would like to use daily, so I made my own. Caffeine++ allows you to have a set of drinks you have regularly and then you can track them both from the phone and watch.

Now in addition to the existing app, I am releasing Caffeine++ 2 as a separate app. You still can download the previous version on the App Store. The old version is now “Caffeine++ Classic”, and it will be available for free. Now for just £4.49 you can own the best coffee tracker.

Here’s a full list of new features.

  • Improved setup
  • Weekly Chart on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Tap to confirm on Apple Watch to reduce accidental input
  • New app icons
  • Dark Mode
  • Look at your daily progress on Apple Watch
  • New Apple Watch complications with a counter
  • Pull to Refresh and “Refresh Apple Watch” button on iPhone
  • Instant Coffee added to the default database
  • Updated user interface to feel at home on iOS 15
  • Additional improvements for water tracking with the use of blue colours on the chart, and in the Apple Watch interface

The weekly chart gives you an overview for a current week. The chart doesn’t move around as other calendar apps do. That’s the way I like UI to be, it’s always Monday to Sunday view, every day. The chart can be viewed from the Apple Watch complication.

In addition, I have this hidden feature called “drink log” which saves all your drinks into a local plist file. In the future this allows me to display the log in the app and export the data. The log will be collected as soon as you start using the app.

Apple Watch app was rewritten from scratch with SwiftUI. It wasn’t an easy task. I even support watchOS 6 which means you can use Caffeine++ with the Series 1 Apple Watch.

If you have favourites drinks data in Caffeine++, you won’t be able to transfer it, I advise you to manually enter your drinks into the new version. Keep Caffeine++ as a reference. Caffeine++ has much-advanced data storage logic, and writing a migration assistant would require too much of my time. Given that the app is not very popular, I decided that it’s easier to have a clean break. Because 2.0 has a much better model, it’s possible for me to add export/import functionality which will allow you to backup your data.

I know there are many features like Siri intentions and widgets which could be added. If Caffeine++ 2.0 is popular enough it will justify my time and add these requested features.

Download Caffeine++ 2.0 on the App Store or visit its web page.