Apple designers have a consistently looking status bar for all the screenshots they publish. It always shows the same time and full battery. I think third-party developers which care about small details would benefit from a simple tool that would allow them to redact the status bar on the screenshots they capture. This is why I have released Altershot in 2014. I never suspected it would require so much maintenance.

For the 2.0 I have eliminated technical debt and streamlined image recognition logic. Altershot contains resolutions of 43 Apple devices. That’s all devices that can run the latest OS versions. I had to test each screen resolution manually. I even made a separate app for capturing screenshots and then later editing them in the Altershot. I have completely changed the permissions flow for the Photos access to avoid modal alerts. Many issues like incorrect thumbnail resolutions are fixed. I have removed a limit for how many photos can be selected because the Photos framework now can handle this better than in the past. I have recorded the new App Preview and rewrote all the copies from the app. The entire app is written in UIKit with Storyboards and there’s no SwiftUI, this allowed me to save time and focus on the issues above.

Altershot used to be a free app with In-App Purchase, which is now paid upfront. It’s a one-time purchase and you can expect good support. Version 2 is free to upgrade. Many of you find it useful and I received a lot of emails. This is motivated me to invest all my free time into the big 2.0 release. If you ever used Altershot or contacted me about it, thank you. Thank you for your support, you made this possible.

Buy Altershot from the App Store and support my future work. You can read release notes here.