I have long stopped using Reddit’s current design, and have been using old.reddit.com instead. A new direction is not just about looks but about increasing the number of clicks and subscribers through applying dark and grey design patterns. The website trying to silo you into their app and make an impression that an account is required to see some of the content. On top of that, a new design has less information density and is much slower to load.

I put a lot of effort into my work. After all, I want my products to offer something new and be better than alternatives because I use them myself. And I am not a minority, for every Reddit and Facebook out there there’s Patreon and Pinboard. Technology might appear like it’s all about numbers and revenue, but it only truly makes a difference when we put our users needs first. Using and loving your product is a great practice and the best thing you can do to your roadmap. Unlike A/B testing and analytics, it’s free. So let the dinosaurs grow, and die, without realising that they are on the wrong side of history.