There’s a macOS update coming with a huge Safari redesign. Some people would call it controversial. I won’t cover the Safari redesign, as I am mostly sure, Apple is going to reverse this decision either before public release or, more likely, in a subsequent major macOS update. The design of UX can change, how you use your applications can stick with you for your entire life.

One of a way I like to use any desktop operating system is having multiple windows open for a single application. Let’s take the most commonly used application, such as a web browser. Whenever I have a problem or a topic to research, I hit Command + N and start web search in the first tab, and open results in new tabs, keeping each window dedicated to a separate task. It requires management but this gives me 2 killer benefits.

  1. I never suffer from having too many tabs open
  2. I can easily close a bunch of tabs when a topic is researched, or a problem is solved

It has its problems though.

  1. Often I would open a new tab in a window that belongs to another project/task
  2. I can’t give the window a name, I have to check back the first tab with my search results if there’s any

I am curious about the tabs grouping feature in the next Safari update because it allows solving the same problem differently. And I am wondering if this way is better than managing multiple windows. I hope it can be a better solution that will stick with some of us for years and will outlive the controversial Safari redesign.