It’s a good feeling to have a vision, it gives your life a purpose.

I feel most happy when I realise that I am moving towards my goal. I have a habit of making long term goals and living every day with an intention. All software around us is made by someone, and it can be improved. There’s so much work, so much software we have seen which is littered with preferences, taking unnecessary system resources and disregards our right to privacy. There is software which is used inferior web technologies and compromises platform standards and expected functionality. There are apps with way too much maintenance cost like multi-platform support, CI, services, A/B testing, analytics third-party sales and tracking services, so developers ask us to subscribe and pay on monthly basis for all this crap we don’t need. It’s not nearly good enough for me, and shouldn’t be good enough for you — I am working my butt off to have a better alternative. The apps I am making have no maintenance cost, only support platforms that I use myself, and focus only on essential functionality, so the software can launch fast, take less disk space and do not bear any third-party dependencies and tracking. For example, this blog you are reading and my business web page both cost zero in hosting, have no tracking, no JavaScript, and no third-party code of any kind — which makes them faster to load for you.

I have found this Arnold Schwarzenegger’s speech to be inspirational. He says that great success requires vision, not listening to people who say that what you do is impossible, and hard work. Arnold says that a magazine with a mister universe bodybuilder Reg Park on a cover made him realise where he wants to be. I also know where I want to be, my champions are David Smith and James Thomson. I have started a software business and named it Cocoa Productions, I want a place amongst the best creators, I want my work to improve the world, to inspire others. With your support, I believe we can achieve great results and make our dent in the universe.