The latest “Backstory!” episode was great and memorable, touching and dramatic. It’s a strange genre of comedy that mixes serious drama with whacky characters. I think the mix of drama and comedy gives the show potential. But it’s a hard line to walk on, I think the show might lack in its hilariousness and it’s trying to be a comedy too hard. What’s makes Mythic Quest valuable is that under the cover of comedy there’s deep drama. It’s like writers wanted to do a drama show but they were paid to make a comedy. And this mix of drama and comedy, I think it works.

The show has a confidence issue. Most of the characters are overreacting and acting hysterical, it’s like the show is afraid that you will stop watching and tries to keep your attention by making everyone shout something every minute. You can forgive this, you can get used to this eccentric overactive acting and maybe even enjoy it if you remind yourself do not take it seriously. Mythic Quest doesn’t need to fight for your attention, I think the show works, and I hope more people will enjoy it. We don’t have enough TV with a software development theme, and the show is extremely relevant and it makes fun of the current environment we have in work culture while been educative and emphatic at the same time. What works best is character development in their journey to overcome internal struggles and be a better person while working on a very successful video game with millions of users. It’s not as good as Office but it’s much much better than HBO’s Silicon Valley — Mythic Quest has an opportunity to become fantastic. Right now I feel like it still developing and writers trying different things to see what works and what doesn’t’ work. Some episodes like the 2 latest episodes and the special lockdown episode are worth watching the show. Let’s see how they manage to wrap up the second season, so far I am optimistic.