I decided that I’m better of not tweeting. I read most of the tweets from people I follow, but I don’t think that my tweeting provides any value. I would rather focus my efforts on this blog. Finishing a blog post always feels good. feels like I am doing something meaningful.

There’s Tweetbot 6 update and if you still use the official Twitter app, I recommend installing and try it. The app is now free but requires a subscription if you want to tweet. Works for me. 🙂

Update 2021.07.18

I am finding myself scrolling through Tweetbot a couple of times a week and getting a lot of good information, news and interesting opinions. I am replying to some of the tweets and I really enjoy using Twitter this way. I haven’t felt regret not be able to tweet, and I feel more relaxed because I don’t have these obligations anymore to broadcast to the entire world whatever is happening in my life or whatever I think in a moment.