I’ve been following the standoff between Epic Games and Apple closely, there’s a lot of information and opinions on the internet. This morning I’ve read Stratechery peace by Ben Thompson. The App Store Arguments is an amazing piece of work, it offers a great perspective on the subject. If you never followed the news and want to know more — this article is everything you need to know.

The article is concluded in a tweet:

There are plenty of arguments to make about the App Store, and most of them are good ones; that’s why the best solution can only come from Apple.

Now the dust is settled, the court hearings are finished and it’s going to take a couple of months for the judge to make a decision. We expect that Apple will win the case, however, it won’t end the App Store story. We are going to watch closely what happens next, I think it out of the question that App Store policies are going to change even more. Only Apple can deliver those changes in a way that would preserve everything that makes their products better than the competition.