OmniFocus 4 for iOS is coming out soon. I like that OmniGroup only incrementing the first number when there’s a real visible change. In this case, the app was rewritten from scratch with SwiftUI. I started using OmniFocus 1 when it was Mac only, it was the first time I have invested my own money in software. I didn’t have a credit card so I had to ask my friend to pay for the license key in exchange for cash.

There’s been 4 major OmniFocus releases, each with a big rewrite. This way version number plays a part in marketing, it’s part of the application, visible to the user. In a way, it belongs to a user. You feel like you own a particular version like you would own a particular car model. Clear version divide makes a choice to jump into the next version more conscious, meaningful, and fun. It also serves great in marketing. This is not the only approach to how developers name their applications but this approach I find most useful and tasteful. I like the clear divide between versions, you can see how a product is evolving. The major release usually takes years of development and it’s a little celebration for users and developers.