I see some popular music players like Spotify and Yandex Music integrating podcasts feature. I think it’s a bad idea for you as a listener. It might be financially beneficial for those big companies which are getting more of your attention in their apps, but you are better off on your own using specialized podcast players.

If you getting your podcasts in Spotify, unless you like the convenience of having music and podcasts in the same place, I guarantee you that any dedicated podcasting app like Overcast or Apple Podcasts would be a much better experience. AFAIK Spotify still doesn’t offer show notes and chapters — a very basic feature any other podcast player has to have. Spotify doesn’t care about details, they are too large to care about nerdy stuff. I am using Overcast since its launch because it has great privacy, robust offline-based search, industry best sounding algorithm for speeding up voice, and unique EQ mode – Voice Boost. If you see a podcast you want to listen to, search in Overcast or any other podcasting app. It will save you time and convenience later.