This post is dedicated to Dr. Brad Cox passing. It feels special when writing in Objective-C, the language which wants you to be as expressive as possible with its long method names, no performance compromises, and opinionated of how code should be structured. Thank you, Dr. Brad, for creating this language, unlike the others.

I have published my first app during the summer of 2014. Although the app itself is not useful for anyone except me, I still remember writing it. 123 Trim still on the store, and the process of writing it was fun, it felt special. At the time my background was in Java and JavaScript and Objective-C took some time to get used to, and string manipulations required more low-level code than my first language Java. I had a goal to make an app that can scale for different screen sizes and integrated with Safari. The app was simple enough so I can learn how to make apps. It was a fruitful adventure as I still enjoy writing in Objective-C to make a living and support my family.