Happy to see the iPhone 12 mini. If I would need a new iPhone today, I would go with the mini for sure. Having a better grip and shutter resistance is great, for me, it’s a breakthrough moment. I used to handle around an iPhone without a case, until a slippery peace of a soap 6. It would be great to have a caseless iPhone again with a strong grip and superior shatter resistance. Let’s wait for the eventual drop tests, remaining cautiously optimistic.

HomePod mini looks attractive, however, I am eager to find out more. I am sure it would blow out of the water the Google Home mini and the Amazon Echo Dot, but it might be too far from the original HomePod sound. I’m not sure how could Apple sound engineers achieve good highs with the HomePod mini speaker pointing downwards. What I really would like to see, is a second-generation HomePod, featuring all mini improvements, preferably with a lower price tag. Or, even better, a soundbar design with integrated Apple TV, like suggested by Jason on the Upgrade podcast.

Thanks to the MacStories for inspiring me with a title.