SwiftUI is the future of app development. For the first time, there’s a unified way to write powerful applications for all Apple platforms.

There are 3 revolutions in personal computing technology.

  1. Mac and GUI.
  2. The open web.
  3. iPhone.

Each of these shifts was possible with a bunch of new technologies. I have a sense that SwiftUI can be one of those building blocks in the next step, democratising technology and opening new ways developers can build their applications. The reason I see its significance is that it combines the strength of native development and convenience of the web, it builds upon technologies of the past. In the same way, an open web wouldn’t be possible without a computer in each household.

It might be limited to the Apple world (fine with me), nevertheless, if SwiftUI proves itself as a success, it will be used to develop for the new platform, possibly AR/VR. The rest of the industry will follow in adopting a declarative way of programming user interfaces. I can not afford to miss this new revolution, I am very much committed to SwiftUI at this point.