I have created my first web page, and, later my first program on the Mac, and now supporting my family working on the Mac. Even though I owned a PC before, Mac always going to be my first true computer. The computer empowered and gave me a choice to be someone I want to be. You see when I’m going with this. You can’t forget your first experiences.

Nowadays I have much less time for myself than I did before. Much less, if almost none, when I am not careful. That’s why I have to spend my time well, I can’t afford any kind of compromise, I need the best and most powerful computer and software I can get. Recently I’ve been trying to spend as much time with Mac as I can, perfecting my setup and learning new automation tricks. I feel like with Mac I can create with my maximum potential.

I cheered to meet the new Mac Pro tower when it was unveiled at the Apple WWDC. Brutal and powerful, driven by its function. A perfect masterpiece, a culmination of what a personal computer can be at its extreme potential. This shows that Apple still cares about the Mac platform, and all the weird edge cases and needs some of us have. Apple still working hard, not just for its most popular markets, but also for individuals who would benefit from maximum computing power.

I don’t even need all this power, and certainly, we can’t afford it. However, I am glad Mac Pro is back, in its new compromise-free classic tower form. Mac Pro is my favourite Mac I never owned because even the idea of its existence gives my live reassurance in our bright future of personal computing. Everything Apple learned building Mac Pro will benefit next generations iMac Pro, Mac mini, and MacBook Pro.