Apple Watch with UTILITY face.

In 2016 Apple released Apple Watch Series 1. I still wear them to this day, even at night. Here’s how this little computer improves my daily life.

Telling Time and Counting Seconds.

I love to wear a watch. I find analogue watch faces relaxing and much easier to scan than digital faces.

For the 60, 30 seconds timers, I look at my wrist and memorise Seconds Hand position. Two, three glances, and I’m done. I don’t need to launch the Timer app.

This also works with traditional mechanical watches and even with iOS Springboard. It’s a very Apple-like thing when you look at your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch with the Seconds Hand perfectly in sync rotating smoothly.

iMessage and Telegram Notifications.

Because I sometimes leave my iPhone behind, there’s always a risk to miss an important message from people I know. Both of this apps value my privacy and allow me to reply right from the Apple Watch.

Breath App.

Such a wonderful lightweight app. I try to use Breath as much as I can. We even use it together with my son, it helps me to relax and it helps him to fall asleep sometimes.

Siri and Dictation.

It’s not the fastest device to access Siri, but it is much better than nothing, and it is always with me. I use it to text my wife, set reminders and add new items to OmniFocus.

Battery Complication.

The battery in my unit is old, so I have to charge it at least 2-3 times a day for at least 15-30 minutes at a time.

Sleep Tacking and Caffeine Logging.

My favourite thing about AutoSleep is that it works automatically and doesn’t require me to launch the app. When I do launch it, I find it a bit over-engineered.

For caffeine tracking, I have created Caffeine++. I use it every day. I find it fast and convenient.