Greg Scown, writing for Code Cook Read:

First and foremost, write good bugs. This is fairly easy to do, though it can be time-consuming. If you’re not already familiar with that’s the site for reporting bugs to Apple. When you create a new bug, Apple includes a template in the description for exactly how they want you to report your bug. Apple isn’t looking for you to create your format or to report things entirely in prose. They also include a handy page of tips for reporting bugs which you should follow.

Greg’s article inspires me to do a better job reporting bugs to Apple. Reducing the scope, if possible, and reading the Apple manual is 2 excellent takeaways. Whenever I get a reply on a bug, it’s usually asking for sysdiagnose report with a PDF manual attached. I had no idea that you can get all manuals in advance from the Apple tips page. Let’s write better bug reports, targeted to the cause and with as much information attached as possible.