2 Starbucks plastic cups

I’m trying to reduce our impact on environment. We have 2 reusable coffee cups in our family and I am using them in Starbucks, Nero and Costa. Not only this is good for environment, but it also helps to save money, Starbucks offers £0.25 off, and Nero gives you 2 stamps for one purchase instead of one. I have also banned plastic straws in our family because straws kill sea life.

2 McCafé with plastic lids

For years I was regular customer in McCafé, collecting their loyalty stickers, their coffee is good and it doesn’t cost much. One day we went to McCafé with our Starbucks cups, here’s my conversation with McDonald’s person behind the till.

— Hi, can I use my own cup please?
— No.
— Why not, you not it’s bad for environment, I use them everywhere else.
— Sorry it’s our safety policy.
— That’s wrong, okay 2 lattes please, without lid… Without plastic lid please!
— Sorry I can’t, that’s a policy.

Not only they don’t offer benefits for bringing your own coffee cup, McDonald’s employee do not allowed accept reusable cups at all! Yes, recently, they are trying to phase out plastic straws in UK but that’s not enough.

McDonald’s must change its stupid outdated policy about not allowing us to bring our own cups. I’m not buying their coffee any more and I encourage you to do the same.

Me with collection of reusable coffee cups

If you do have any cups laying around, don’t throw them in recycling bins please. Common coffee cups is paper combined with plastic. Costa and Starbucks can accept your cups from coffee and soft drinks and send them to a special place.