I was pleased to watch High Sierra announcement during WWDC by Craig Federighi. Technology and Refinements was two things given most attention. As software engineer this words is music to my ears. I felt excitement. This is it, this is Mountain Lion moment once again!

All of my work is done on the Mac, I use it every day. macOS has great foundation, unlimited and unrestricted potential. Combined with years of iterative improvements and innovation, we get capable, reliable OS.

It seams like Craig and Phil continue to do excellent job. People will benefit if macOS continue to improve. I am happy that’s there’s wise executives and engineers at Apple who care about Mac and its software. Many people who create amazing things and continue to rely on macOS as their main working horse will benefit from refinements and performance improvements.

Besides Metal 2, APFS, new image and video formats, one thing mentioned by Jhon Siracusa during ATP caught my attention — new initiative to rewrite open source Dynamic linker in order to make apps launch faster. Goal is to reduce time from start moment to main function call. There’s WWDC session. It looks like low level risky work which can be done by few people. Wish them success.