I heard strange pop noise when I took my watch from its charging dock. Then reboot cycle began and I left them on the desk for a night. On next morning, thought of software issue, decided to deal with it later, I put the watch on and couldn’t get touch screen to respond. I could unlock the watch with iPhone. Then on my commute to work reboot cycle began again. I was able to touch in with Apple Pay and I couldn’t touch out with “Card Unavailable” message. I got into the office and while lifting left arm to press door button I heard another short rattling sound coming from my wrist. I shook my wrist, and Apple Watch screen opened like a little door, rattling on thin wires strip. Came back to my desk and feeling upset I put the watch away, gently wrapped it to apply pressure from top and bottom with paper tissues and duck tape, then put them in black spring loaded glasses case to apply even more pressure and security. I thought of it as little coffin and felt sad.

Been busy with work, one or two weeks later, I went online to research the issue. This thread on Apple forum was most popular and gave me little hope it was factory issue. We wouldn’t be able to afford $200 repair cost. I bought them more than 2 years ago and was mostly happy with it, planned to use Apple Watch for another 2.

Next day I had scheduled call and friendly person suggested that the reason is battery which is expanded after large amount of charging cycles. He suggested to bring watch for repair or send him a picture. I regret not taking a picture when screen went loose.

With little hope I went to Apple Store Kingston, there I explained my problem. Apple Store employee couldn’t pick up screen with his nails and screen started to recognise touch input again. Been tightly sealed for a week, it could reverse the damage. It is not safe to use device with damaged battery. Another reason keeping device in a case was fear of fire or even explosion.

I signed estimated £165.83 repair cost, with single part which is entire watch body without band. I was told I don’t need to pay anything right now. He also told me they had replacement program but only for the back of the watch coming loose.

4 working days later I received “Your product is ready for pickup” letter. My hope grew stronger still I couldn’t know what to expect, I could get a bill or my broken watch back but I got small cardboard box, had to sign another waver with the same £165.83 price and £0 due amount. I was asked do I want to open the box right there or home, I choose latter, oh boy what a surprise I got.

Grey box with another white box inside. Sealed 38mm Apple Watch body.

To my delight, Apple sent Apple Watch Series 1, 2016 model with updated dual core CPU straight from China. It was mentioned in email but I wanted to check SN and engraving to be sure. Excelent customer service on every level.