My iPhone Home Screen.

All my iOS wallpapers are black. I am using simple black wallpaper for iPhone more than 3 years and now also trying it on iPad. Black wallpaper has following perks.

  • Less visual noise on the Home Screen.
  • App icons easier to recognise.
  • Matches nicely with black bezel.1
  • You not getting tired looking at it.

Note original iPhone had black wallpaper.

How to Make One.

Unfortunately Apple doesn’t include it with iOS. To make your own you can use Pixelmator app.

  1. Open Pixelmator app.
  2. Tap on the + icon to Create Image.
  3. Select Custom…
  4. You will get empty canvas with your device screen size. Tap Create.
  5. Tap on the + icon, select Layers control. Pixelmator Layers.
  6. Select black rectangle.
  7. Tap Activity Sheet button and save image to Photos.
  8. Open Photos, tap on the Activity Sheet icon and tap Use as Wallpaper.
  1. My iPad and iPhone are black.