With iOS 10.3 beta Apple introduced new ask for a review tool for developers. Currently it works as modal alert. Supertop’s Oisin Prendiville made an interesting post where he shows an alternative notification style design. This post is a good work. I don’t agree with it, as developer, I want alert, not notification.

Like John wrote, I am sure when Apple designers read this post they rolled their eyes, of course they had this mockups and decided to go with alert instead. Not because it’s the first idea they had, not because they didn’t consider other options but because it’s the best choice in this context.

Modal alert makes this as explicit request its appearance rare and important for developer. It makes it meaningful for user too. There’s a reason why majority of custom solutions use modal alerts instead of banners. Notification request going to be neglected. If you want to review, it is easier and faster to work your way through alert. Notification adds extra tap and it requires user to act immediately or come back to it later when the right momentum is lost.