I keep working on Altershot, my personal product which I created when I had a need to publish iOS screenshot from my iPad and I wanted it too look professional. At that time I used a Mac app to do it, the app changed screenshot Status Bar to remove everything except full cell signal, full Wi-Fi signal, fixed “9:41 AM” time and full battery. The kind of Status Bar which allows viewer to focus on your app content. You can remove Status Bar completely but than you not presenting the app as it is. Viewer might think the app hides it which is a usability concern.

Apple website shows 3 iPhone devices with identical Status Bar.

Here’s how Apple presents iOS 10 on their US website. If you change its region, format of the time on screenshots also changes. For example, some countries have “9.41” instead of “9:41 AM”. The same true for watchOS screenshots.1 The latest Altershot update is released today and it allows editing watchOS screenshots.

Editing watchOS screenshot in Photos Extension.

With iOS 8 Apple introduced Photos Extensions but not many people know about it. iOS 10 includes Apple’s own Extension called Markup, I hope this will make it more discoverable. Latest Altershot update has Photos Extension.

Download Altershot from the App Store.

  1. watchOS always displays “9:41” without am/pm symbol. I am not sure about the colon.