Here and then I meet people who don’t understand Apple choice to have single mouse button by default and a phone and tablet with a single physical Home button.

Apple is most misunderstood and under valued tech company, to understand it you need to know its history. We can’t just compare our own vision with Apple vision without considering what Apple went through over many years.

Apple made graphical interface and mouse wildly popular. To make it happen they had to focus on people who never tried to use computer before. I’m sure they tried different mouses and they stopped with one button mouse. When user never tried mouse before, learning single button mouse is much simpler and faster than learning how to use 2 or even 3 buttons. I had problems using computer when I was a kid, many times I accidentally clicked on a wrong button. My mom uses Mac for years and she never had a need to use secondary mouse. One button is a perfect interface. It symbolise primary action. Mouse and pointer becomes extension of user hand. Moving hand makes pointer move without any delay. Did you ever had a moment when using Windows and pointer stopped moving? This breaks the illusion and it is very annoying. In this case pointer has to animate to indicate that’s computer is busy. To make this illusion work it has to be simple.

Because my Mom uses PC mouse (my bad) sometimes she accidentally clicks on a wrong button and she always confused with result she gets. She past this so if you look how she holds a mouse you notice that she’s afraid to trigger secondary click and always holds her hand up on the right side, this is very uncomfortable.

Yes using 2 button mouse for experienced users is more comfortable and fast, that’s why Apple added secondary click later but only after everyone was on board with graphical UI and mouse. However single button interface guidelines is not lost. For those people who still more comfortable with one button, and this is default option, Apple made sure macOS can be fully operational with a single button. Everything you can do with 2 buttons you can do with 1. Thanks to the menu on top. This is true even today.

Apple had similar goal to make smartphone with multi touch interface accessible for people who never used smartphone or computer before. That’s why iPhone has only one button. It has single primary purpose. It’s not Android like touch button - it is button with physical feedback - familiar interface for every human. Because this is just a single button you can’t confuse it with others. For most users, like my mom for example, primary one click function is all she needs. My mom almost never uses multitasking, Reachability, Accessibility or Siri, for her and many other beginners single button is very simple, no need to memorise a lot.

Pro users can argue that multiple buttons is better. I don’t think it is faster, just a matter of taste. I think a lot of people even professionals can appreciate minimalistic look. Pro feature are still there but they are not exposed for everyone.