iOS 8 introduced new stock app named Health. Many users still don’t understand its full potential. They angry when running out of storage and blaming Apple on including all this apps they don’t need.

I think Apple made a right choice by including Health. Many people would never have a chance to realise what their iPhone can do with health data. Setting up Medical ID, for example, with user’s blood type and other data can save lives. After Medical ID configured, it displayed under owner’s contact and it’s accessible from lock screen.

Almost year came after iOS 8 release and developers started to use it. One of the new app categories emerged: caffeine tracking apps. I drink coffee every day and I am very interested in collecting personal data over the long periods of time. I am already tracking my sleep with Pillow app, which works with Health app too.

I started to use the only one and first app integrated with Health - Buzz. After using it for a week I realised that I could do much better job.

Originally I wanted to named it “Cups” but this name was already taken, so I took inspiration from David Smith’s Pedometer++. and named my app Caffeine++.

My goal was to be consistent with Apple design guidelines so I took green color from Apple Health app and designed my icon to look good next to Health icon. Caffeine++ is the only caffeine tracker which not only write data into Health, but also reads data from Health app and displays how much caffeine you consumed during the day. Even if you added it from other sources. I take science seriously so I provided caffeine dosage reference for each drink bundled with Caffeine++. Caffeine++ also has set of default icons, so your drinks is more recognisable. There’s also Apple Watch app which I prefer to use daily.

Caffeine++ is the only free caffeine tracker on the App Store. Using it without IAP allows adding only 1 drink per 20 hours. Download it from the App Store.