I always was against watching bad movies or TV shows because I think my time should be spend carefully. I was used to following workflow before watching any new movie:

  1. Go to IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, look into rating.
  2. Go to the Trailers iOS app and look into couple of trailers.
  3. Read review on Verge.

Only after this two steps I could allow myself to enjoy new movie. And at this point I would already know main plot twist, main characters and even some jokes.

Half a year ago I discovered Netflix. Following my old habit, I would carefully select my next movie. One time me and my wife decided to watch a movie spontaneously, without trailer or reading short about section. I remember my wife protesting, asking me what’s movie about even going to internet and reading about it. We so used to be prepared. Watching something without knowing is terrifying, it makes any movie much more realistic and suspensive.

Only thing we knew is cover art, title and genre. That was so different and so good, we started to do it whenever possible.

That happened with movie theatre too, when we spontanisly decided to walk inside and watch whatever on the list. We chose Drop with James Gandolfini. Wonderful experience. We didn’t have any exceptions.

Now it is Comic-Con time when everyone tries to gain attention by any means. Their goal is to sell as many tickets / iTunes preorders as possible. Clickbait websites like the Verge posting tons of behind the scenes footage, newest teasers. Latest Terminator trailer revealing main plot twist and director isn’t happy, you can look Batman and Ghostbusters costume up close, same goes for Batmobile and Ghostbusters car. The Verge need people clicking on links and looking on ads. They all gladly sacrifice user experience to increase personal profit.

Only thing I need to know — is movie worth my attention or not. If somebody is mentioning it on Twitter I could add it to watch list. On Netflix I can look on 5 star rating, usually it is accurate enough.

I decided ignore teasers and trailers before watching movie, I will not read any media websites any more, I don’t want to look on pictures with actors. I even trying not to look into genre. When we will go to the movies next time I would need to keep my eyes and ears shut.

Yesterday we tried it with one old movie. It started as military action than it changed to politics drama — completely unexpected. And then it changed again to something completely different and shocking.

I encourage you to try it too, start with some movie you never heard about before. You can always read about it after.