I watched the October event, and ordered iPad Air 2 as soon as I could. Then I listened to the Release Notes and Connected.

We have a big problem with iPad. Apple not sure what iPad is. Firstly iWork push, then iLife. Then What will your verse be campaign, beautiful but far away from a normal life. Sales declining two years in a row. This year Tim Cook said:

Apple October event

Sometimes you want sit at your desk in front of a huge beautiful immersive screen packed with powerfull technology. And we made that much better today with the Retina 5K screen for iMac. Sometimes you want to take that powefull technology with you wherever you go. And we made our notebooks even better this year with MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Sometimes you want to be close to your content, touching it and we’ve made that experience even better today with the iPad Air 2, more powerful and icreadibly fast. Sometimes you want to hold that powerfull technology in the palm of your hand and there’s no better thing for your hand than iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. And soon, you can wear that poweful technology right on your wrist.

Do I need touch my content? But I already have new iPhone. It event closer than iPad. And screen is bigger this year. iPhone has a better camera too. So why I need to spend extra $500?

I tell you why. Today I tried Penultimate with a stylus for recaping databases lecture. I always hated hand writing (except whiteboard). In this lecture we had a lot of diagrams, so I couldn’t be productive with classic keybaord text and drawing apps. I hate paper and drawing in text file is too complicated. As result, I din’t wrote at all.

Penultimate gave my enterly new immersive and delightful expirience with unique drift mode, which makes content bigger and slowly drifting while you writing with dynamic speed. I filled four sheets of paper! It’s also gaved my notebook automatic name based on location and calendar. And it should make all my handwriting searchable. This is only one example what you can do only on iPad. I have plenty more.

With iPad technology becomes invisible. With each new productivity app iPad transforms into something new. Apple should care about professional iPad apps more. OmniGroup and 54 is not enough. Pay-upfront price crisis makes it worse. Developers are forced to support A5 processor because of iPad mini. There is no way to set hardware requirement, that’s why we have a lot of one star reviews about apps that crashing all the time. Any time this great companies can stop developing for iPad.

There are plenty of consumable social apps and games which is not helping with Post PC revolution. I’m living in UK, I see people with iPhones and MacBooks all the time but not with iPad. Because mostly think that this peace of glass is a toy. People continue to rely on PC.

I believe iPad has great underestimated potential. A lot of here is for Apple to fix. What we (developers) can do is make Universal apps with iPad-only features or iPad-only apps. Productivity apps that are not possible with iPhone or notebook.