Following posts will be related to my new app — Altershot.

The idea came to me when I was on using my iPhone to post screenshot image to a Twitter from Twitterrific app. I thought it would be nice to cut out status bar out of picture. iOS App Store has not any apps for this. I was an active Status Magic user on OS X. That’s how Altershot idea was born.

The app doesn’t called Altershot from beginning. I submitted first build with name AlterStatus name. App was rejected, I will write about this later. I had an opportunity to come up with a new name. I picked AlterShot and then changed it to Altershot.

How to pick a perfect iOS app name? For me it need to be unique and short as possible. Combining two words will guarantee uniqueness. I wrote all possible combinations starting from a new line and picked the shortest. I’m not insist on combining of two words. Even more, I think picking one word name is more stylish. For example, Vesper. You need to find a balance between uniqueness and transparency. The user should understand app purpose from its name. Mail, Maps and Notes are perfect example. Too bad they are way too general which adds some complications for blogging and marketing. Should I write Mail or maybe Or Apple Mail?

Should you choose regular Capitalisation or CamelCase is up to you. I already got NumPick on the App Store. That’s why I started with CamelCase. Then I decided that’s it’s too ugly and harder to read. Imagine Evernote as EverNote. Terrible.