Pinboard turnes five. I’m using the online bookmark service for a year. It is solid and reliable. Without anything to distract. No ads, no options to tweak.

Usually new apps and services all getting aquired and destroeyd. This happened to Mailbox, Sparrow and many more. But not Pinbaord. Pinboard is defferent. It is created and managed by one person. Maciej Ceglowski don’t wan’t to sell his child to anyone. He know that Pinboard can survive only by staying independent and small.

Recently I saw The Dark Knight Rises again. Gordon’s quote came to my mind.

There’s a point. Far out there. When the structures fail you. When the rules aren’t weapons anymore, they’re shackles, letting the bad get ahead.

When Gordon asked Blake to join a police of Gotham, Blake AKA Robin refused. He knew that working alone is more productive. Same rule apply for Pinboard creator and all indy developers out there. They are superheroes of our age.