NumPick app icon, yellow and green placeholders on white background

Today Apple approved my app called NumPick. It’s simple tool for extracting numbers from text.

Long time ago when I learned my first programming language Java our teacher Yakov Fain told us how he hates when you can’t put your phone number on the web form site because it has characters like “-”, “+”, “()” or even blank space. He told us that every programmer should know how to parse a number from text.

I tried to make many apps but failed because idea was too complicated. So I decided to fix smallest issue I can handle.

I learned one thing. Before starting, build a prototype on a paper. It could save you a lot of time. I learned it from WWDC video “Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It.” It will be useful for any developer, designer or even marketing guy. I wish I would watched this video before starting work on NumPick.

Download NumPick on the App Store. I also made a web page.