During my day I have a lot of 8–12 minutes time intervals when I’m alone, I have my iPad / iPhone and online.

I should inbox zero my Mail, Drafts and OmniFocus during this periods.

  1. Doing every day so I will never miss anything important.
  2. Doing it quick, I have limited time so I can’t afford start worrying about items, I have to assign the project and context.
  3. Doing in strict order Mail, Drafts, OmniFocus. Every item will end in OmniFocus, most trustable and reviewable tool.
  4. Don’t do it when hanging out with other person. It’s unpolite and contr-productive.
  5. If I got an item with real deadline, I should set it in OmniFocus.
  6. If during cleaning inbox I got new item on top, I will ignore it until tomorrow.
  7. If an item is a doable action with 2 minutes max duration, I should do it.