iOS 7 is not like all previous. It’s not an evolution. It’s the unique opportunity for developers. The turning point.

If you’re the “IT guy” for your family, extended family, wife’s family, etc., Apple just ruined the end of your year. — Seth Clifford

I took a week off to watch all WWDC13 videos. Whole week only to realise what we can do with new iOS. It was my first WWDC and now I know that the keynote is only a tip of an iceberg. I had great moments of inspiration. I stopped playing StarCraft Ⅱ, I stopped visiting my family, I even rescheduled the date with my lovely girlfriend. I picked up dusty Moleskine from shelf and now I’m carrying it around all the time. I lost my sleep trying make some ideas to work.

When I’m imagining what opportunities we got — I feel weird good feeling in my stomach — like something big is coming. Enough of energy to work all this year. Now it’s our turn, dear fellows developers.