What a great game from Hero on WCS America.

HerO wins the #WCS America Finals!

From Major League Gaming Facebook page

1 Micro Sentries

Hero under huge stress holded strong defence with force-fields. That moment when bunch of centries and few stalkers killed 30 or so speedlings without single unit loss. He even killed 4 zerglings without his probes with only 1 probe killed. In a blink protoss small army was covered from all sides with force fields. Speedlings just maked circles around and died. He managed to harass with a probe on Zergs natural and builded blocking mineral line pylon.

2 Late Proxy

Usually players harassing only in the beginning of a game. On some maps such as Cloud Kingdom protoss can build proxy pylon on opposite conner opponents base. Hero warped 4-5 zealots in late game when so many things happened on the screen and your opponent third is vulnerable. That third base can be attached multiple times while you’re distracting your opponent with main army.

3 Zealot position

Put your Zealots so he can be protected from all 3 sides except front. Use minerals and even Xel'naga tower.