I’m playing for Protoss so here is my notes for improving Protoss Strategy.

  1. Mothership Core is good
  2. Final army composition is mixed
  3. Block your third (PvZ)
  4. Kill the vikings
  5. Most underused spell

1 Save Your Core

Mothership Core is useful. Build it in the beginning — so it can charge. First you using it for scout and harras. Add 3-5 Stalkers for stronger harass and you can accidently win game if your opponent is not ready. Keep Core alive to protect your second and first from early rush. Keep it alive to have a chance use a recall when you attacking with all your army.

2 Death Ball

On late game you must have 2,3 colossus, high templars with storm, mothership core, sentries, 5-6 stalkers, 3 immortals. Watch out for it, use storms, time warps and force fields to block your opponent on ramps.

3 Don’t forget protection

Good against Zerg. I don’t have screenshot so I made this picture in Paper app. Probes are safe because they blocked with Nexus, pylons and Warpgate. Zealots with sentries can hold very long

4 Kill the Vikings

Kill the vikings with your Stalkers not Phoenixes. Use blink to under them. Kill vikings befor vikings will kill your colossus.

5 Oracle’s secret

Use Revelation to scout better. You’re can use Envision to spot out mines.